What is the StudioCrew?

A unique body positive membership designed to help you ROCK your health + fitness YOUR way!

In the StudioCrew you'll have everything you need to bring your unique vision of health + fitness (free from all that diet culture noise) to your (real) life! 

Real talkTaking a weight-neutral, body-positive approach to health + fitness, when we live in a diet culture can feel like mission impossible. 

But it's not...if you have the right Community, Coaching, and Content!

Meet your StudioCrew super-powers:

  • Community

    This is the magic of StudioCrew! In our private community, you'll be able to connect with like-minded women, be able to crowdsource ideas and inspiration, and receive ongoing support and encouragement!

  • Coaching

    As a StudioCrew member there are opportunities to receive group coaching in our private group and on our 2x monthly Zoom calls. You will also have access to one-to-one coaching at the StudioCrew rate (25% discount)!

  • Content

    There are resources galore curated to support you! The Super You Mindset Course, 2 monthly Zoom calls, StudioCrew Resource Library, and weekly emails including recommended blogs, podcasts, and other content to help you keep learning and growing!

Hi! I'm Gillian (she/her)

I'm about to be your biggest cheerleader!

Before we do anything, I have a really important message I want you to hear: you are unique (and awesome)! Yup, you are one in 7.5 billion to be specific. There is no one on this planet exactly like you (how cool is that?). Which is why I’m so passionate about helping you discover your own unique healthy lifestyle and bring it to your (real) life! As your coach, I have your back and will be with you every step of the way. Together we will figure out the body positive tools, structure and support you need to design and create the healthy life you want. You can do this. I’m here to help.

What is the Super You Mindset Course?

The Super You Mindset is a 12-module course designed to help you see diet culture, ditch what doesn't serve you, explore a more holistic approach to health (without the noise), redefine what health (really) means to you, and then bring it to your (real) life! Phew. I know. 

Everyone in the StudioCrew Community has access to the Super You Mindset. 

This means we're all on the same page when it comes to what it means to take a weight-neutral weight-neutral, body-positive approach to health + fitness.  

But here's what's cool. You can dig into this self-paced course as it suits YOU. And as you explore topics ranging from self-objectification to how habits work (for real life), the StudioCrew will be there to support you (how rad is that?). 

Get started TODAY!

$149 first payment, $29.95/ month onwards includes:

  • Mindset Course including videos, audio resources, worksheets, and handouts covering topics like self compassion, diet culture, self-talk, growth mindset, Intuitive Eating, fitness, rest and strategies to help you bring these ideas to life (in your real life!)..

  • One 15-minute one-to-one coaching call to help you get started.

  • Twice monthly "StudioZooms" for connection, camaraderie and coaching. Each call will vary in topic and focus with the intent to expand and deepen the conversation and support you in your practice!

  • Access to the StudioCrew Resource Library including guided meditations, worksheets and resources on self-compassion, affirmations, body image, building habits, sleep, intuitive eating, fitness and so much more!

  • Access to our incredible Facebook Community (seriously, these women are the most supportive truly body positive bunch!)

  • Weekly emails with tips and tools to help you stay in the practice and reminders about upcoming StudioZooms and other special events!

  • Access to me as your guide and coach to answer your questions and give you support.

  • Special StudioCrew rates for Coaching (25% off)

Ready to ROCK...

your health + fitness on YOUR terms?

What Studio Members are Saying

I’m so grateful that this amazing online community and resources exists!

Carli-Ann E.

I love the amazing coursework and the heart and soul Gillian puts into the SuperYou community. It has been truly transformational. Through her wise coaching and the insights from the group, I have become to accept myself and my body more, understand the relationship of mind, emotions, and social influences on my self-esteem, and been able to communicate that better to my kids. I’m so grateful that this amazing online community and resources exist to support me to find balance and prioritize what is really important in my life. I love sharing and gaining insights from the group, and I love Gillian’s very perceptive coaching and encouragement in group chats and private sessions. Gillian truly has a gift and I am so grateful that she shares it with our community and myself. I have greatly benefited from Gillian’s drive to make women’s lives better, and by default, it improves the lives of everyone in their circles.

So thankful I found this community!

Heidi V.

Being a member of the Super You community has played such a huge role in my intuitive eating/body acceptance journey! When I first joined the group I was looking for something that would support my goals around movement and nutrition, but that was completely shielded from diet culture (really tricky to find!). At that time especially I found anything that mentioned diets or losing weight to be really off-putting, and I just couldn’t handle being exposed to that at all. Super You allowed me to rediscover my love of movement from an authentic place, and to pursue my goals in a safe space with like-minded individuals. I am so thankful I found Gillian and this group!

I am grateful

Rolanda M.

Who knew that you could build a health community where women would support one another and be successful moving their bodies and engaging in fun healthy activity without being told that we were fat or otherwise unacceptable...where the woman that completed a triathlon would be cheered along side and with the same enthusiasm as the woman that got up after an illness or a bit of depression and walked around her block...where the leader didn't tell us what success was, but rather asked us what success looked like to us and then helped us achieve those goals. I didn't know that could be a thing, but I see now that it is, and I am grateful.

This is a Game Changer!

Niki R.

Joining the Super You Studio has been a game changer for me. Gillian's approach to health and fitness is easy to understand, inclusive, and sustainable. Since joining, Gillian has helped me to clarify and simplify my goals and provided easy to follow advice to keep me moving forward. The online resources are invaluable and the group of women in the studio are incredible, like-minded individuals. We have all become cheerleaders for each other for where we are at in our journeys.

The Tool I've Been Waiting For!

Julia W.

I’ve had two months in the Super You Studio; I haven’t even finished working through all of the amazing content and lessons (there’s THAT MUCH), and I still feel like this has been the life changing tool I’ve been waiting for. The content is so easily understandable and applicable, Gillian is her usual approachable, open hearted and supportive self, and the community is like no other. As a group, we are vulnerable yet strong, and have dove deep into our own journeys towards health and happiness. The best part? We the members are in the driver’s seat. We have a say in what content we want in the studio, how we want to be supported, and what our own version of a healthy lifestyle looks like. There is no set program, just all the information, workouts and support you need to create your own program.

I feel in control of my health!

Liz M.

The Super You Studio has helped me to move forward in all aspects of my health. For the first time, I feel I have the tools to make the right choices, and I feel in control! By joining the studio, you get the most amazing videos and resources to help you achieve your dreams at your pace! In all other programs, I'd "fall off" because there was never space for injury, illness, or a birthday. Here there is constant support and coaching from Gillian, all from a positive, compassionate lens.

One of the best things I have done for myself

Janet C.

This is a great group and added bonus is that Gillian is one of the best coaches you will find. She is real, down to earth and speaks about realistic goals and not fitting into a perfect cookie cutter “fitness” person. Tons of health support too...so much more than a gym membership and easy to fit in to your own schedule. A great group online to connect with too! Honestly, it’s one of the best things I have done for myself and my own health and well-being.

Thank you Gillian!

Jen V.

THANK YOU Gillian, as always. You have a gift with reframing, encouraging, supporting and clarifying! This is the first group I’ve been in where we didn’t all have to follow the same “plan” - where “you do you” is encouraged and all body-honouring practices are welcome. It’s been life-giving for me (and I’m sure everyone else too!) during this crazy pandemic year.


  • What is the cancellation policy?

    I'm not about suckering you into a contract. If you jump in and find it's not for you, cancellation is easy. I just need 30-days notice.

  • I’ve been a member of other online groups in the past. It seems like a good idea but I don’t seem to stick with it! How will this be different?

    The Super You approach is unlike other online challenges or programs. It’s about you having the support to follow your own unique path and rock it. This isn’t about me giving you a detailed program and laying it all out. It’s about me helping you discover what the right pieces of the puzzle that are for you and giving you the real-life tips and tricks to actually implement them - long term!

  • What if I go to fitness classes/ a studio in my community too, can I still be a member?

    Heck yeah! That’s amazing. The Super You Studio isn’t about replacing your fave fitness class or local studio - it compliments them! I want you to engage and embrace whatever fitness solutions that work for you. That’s the whole point of this Studio and Community - to have the knowledge, insight and confidence to totally ROCK the approach that works for you. And hey, that might even be making use of the Move Membership bundle! Bottom line: when it comes to all things health + fitness - you do you!

  • Are there any nutritional products promoted within the group?

    HARD NO. Absolutely not. This is not an up-sell opportunity. If you have a nutritional product you love - awesome. But this is not a space for sharing that, nor will you find me talking about it. PERIOD.

  • I don’t have Facebook, can I still participate?

    YES! The platform that houses your Mindset Course, and Resource Library also includes a StudioCrew Community hub! With time, my goal is to have all our juicy convo's over there. Since this is a NEW feature, we're slowly migrating from Facebook. So for a while we'll have both (best of both worlds?!). And there are lots of ways to engage OUTSIDE Facebook including 2x monthly Zooms, and responding to my weekly emails!

  • Will there be opportunities to meet up in person?

    The beauty of the online community is that there are going to be people who identify as women from all over the world participating (yay!). You will have the opportunity to connect online through the group and it is my hope that this translates into live meet-up opportunities. This will be facilitated primarily through the Facebook Community. I will be encouraging people to host meet-ups using the events feature. This is a great way to meet like-minded health and fitness friends for in person support!

  • Do I have to follow Intuitive Eating to be a member?

    Absolutely not, however there is no "diet talk" within the community. We don't discuss weight, weight loss or any restrictive eating styles. We do encourage Intuitive Eating because the framework encourages you to eat in a way that serves you and your (awesome) body. Ultimately it's about YOU eating in a way that works for YOU and is sustainable.

  • Have another question?

    Contact me at gillian@superyou.ca to have your question answered!