I get it. Trying something new is scary.

You're used to hearing about programs with a start and end date. With a meal plan and grocery lists and all your workouts laid out for you. And I understand the appeal of that. 

But here's what I also know. 

Your health is a practice not the pursuit of program perfection. #truthbomb

How do I know? 

Because I've been coaching women just like you for over 20 years and I've learned a lot in that time. Also, I'm a human...just like you. Who's experienced the ebbs and flows of health and fitness that life brings.  

Here's how it might have gone...

You got started with that program in a blaze of glory, but before you knew it the flames sizzled and the whole thing just left you feeling like a health and fitness failure. Until you were inspired to try again and the cycle repeats. Inspiration, program, failure. Again, and again, and again.

But you're not a health and fitness failure.  

What if I told you it's not you? 

What if I told you it's the approach that's tripping you up? 

What if I told you there was another way? 

The Super You Studio offers a different approach. 

One that is grounded in the science of health and fitness, wrapped in self-compassion and body positivity and is all about YOU! Your life, your priorities, your commitments and your interests! 

But...how does that all work? How do you figure out what "health and fitness" looks like if it's not all laid out? What will you do without a plan? 

Trust me. I've got you covered.

That's what the tools, resources and content in the Super You Studio will help you figure out. With follow along videos and engaging content you'll map out your very own approach. And I'll be there to support you. Every step of the way. 

Jump in!

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What Members Are Saying

Niki R.

Joining has been game changer!

Niki R.

Joining the Super You Studio has been a game changer for me. Gillian's approach to health and fitness is easy to understand, inclusive, and sustainable. Since joining, Gillian has helped me to clarify and simplify my goals and provided easy to follow advice to keep me moving forward. The online resources are invaluable and the group of women in the studio are incredible, like-minded individuals. We have all become cheerleaders for each other for where we are at in our journeys.
Julia W.

This is the tool I've been waiting for!

Julia W.

I’ve had two months in the Super You Studio; I haven’t even finished working through all of the amazing content and lessons (there’s THAT MUCH), and I still feel like this has been the life changing tool I’ve been waiting for. The content is so easily understandable and applicable, Gillian is her usual approachable, open hearted and supportive self, and the community is like no other. As a group, we are vulnerable yet strong, and have dove deep into our own journeys towards health and happiness. The best part? We the members are in the driver’s seat. We have a say in what content we want in the studio, how we want to be supported, and what our own version of a healthy lifestyle looks like. There is no set program, just all the information, workouts and support you need to create your own program.

What's Inside the Sneak Peek

Check out all the awesome content you can check out!

  • 1
    Welcome to the Studio Sneak Peek!
    • How to Make the Most of Your Sneak Peek
  • 2
    Clarity Module Sneak Peek
    • About the Clarity Module Sneak Peek
    • Welcome to the Clarity Module
    • Redefining Health - on your terms!
    • Completing Your Compassionate Audit
    • Create Your Vision of Health and Fitness!
    • What's next in the Clarity Module...
  • 3
    Learn Module Sneak Peek
    • Welcome to the Learn Module Sneak Peek!
    • Movement Masterclass Sneak Peek
    • Nutrition Masterclass Sneak Peek
    • Sleep Masterclass Sneak Peek
    • Habits Masterclass Sneak Peek
    • Self-Compassion Masterclass Sneak Peek
    • Did You Love LEARNing?
  • 4
    Move Module Sneak Peek
    • Welcome to the Move Module Sneak Peek
    • Move Module Sneak Peek Questionnaire and Waiver (required)
    • Dynamic FIIT + Flow (50-minute total body workout)
    • Fit Flow Yoga (45 minutes)
    • Walk for Health Resource
    • What's in the Studio Move Module?
  • 5
    Library Sneak Peek
    • The Super You Studio Resource Library
    • Mindful Eating Resource
    • Hack Your Habits Resource
  • 6
    The Missing Element
    • The Studio Crew
  • 7
    My Special Offer to You!
    • I've Got a Special Offer Just for You!
    • #grateful

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Gillian. 

I'm a health + fitness coach with over 20 years experience. I'm a wacky combination of body science nerd, passionate educator and body positive champion. 

I've got a degree in Kinesiology (yup, I told you, body science nerd), and am a Registered Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor. I'm also TRX certified, and hold my Pre/Post-Natal Certification. I love learning and am always looking for new tools to add to my toolkit! 

When I tell people about my background they usually assume I'm a life-long jock. But that's not my story. My relationship with my body hasn't always been a positive one. I spent a lot of my life hating the skin I was in and doing ALL THE THINGS that go along with that. Dieting, extreme programs and ALL the fads and quick fixes. It was exhausting (and completely fruitless - enter the health and weight yoyo and a whole lot of body hatred). SIGH.

Thankfully, I'm now in a place where I can genuinely say I LOVE my body. And you know what? Can you say FREEDOM!? You guys, it feels AMAZING. Which is why my passion for helping others develop a great relationship with their body and their health is so insatiable!  

I am so excited to connect with you and be your biggest cheerleader and greatest supporter!