Yoga for your body, mind and spirit.

Body positive yoga for all levels!

In this world of go-go-go, it's so helpful to slow down and tune in. 

From shorter practices to get the blood flowing to longer Yin-style practices designed to create space in the body and mind, these yoga videos will help you find your inner calm and give the body the care and attention it needs to be happy and healthy!

Leave the mat feeling grounded physically and mentally.

Once you purchase this bundle you have unlimited access for life - and you can download every single video for use without wifi!

Join Gillian on the mat!

  • Yoga for a Happy Body (30-minutes)

  • 6 unique Fit Flow Yoga classes (ranging from 23-45-min)

  • 5 unique Yin Yoga classes (ranging from 14-60-min)

Class Descriptions:

Yoga for a Happy Body: this 30-minute all levels yoga class is a perfect way to stretch out the body and soothe the mind. Perfect for the end of a long day or as a regular practice. 

Fit Flow Yoga: This  practice is designed to build some heat! This is a great class when you have a bit more energy and want build strength and stamina. 

Yin Yoga: Slow down and embrace stillness in this practice designed to create space in the body and mind. Namaste.

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